Wearing another of my hats, I’ve been quietly building a resource for estate agents and smaller property developers, bringing together in one place, numerous services that will help them to market themselves and their property. I’ve called it Property Creative in part because the main thrust is toward the creative side of property marketing – which is the part that personally I enjoy the most. The latest service to be added to the stable, is Virtual Staging.

Virtual Staging is a great solution for any attractive but empty property where furniture purchase or rental is not an economic solution. Employing the famous Pareto principle, (otherwise known as the 80-20 rule), my personal belief is that only 20% of people have the visual sophistication to know why a good photo is better than a bad one. This 20% are the same people who can walk into an empty room and clearly visualise what they might be able to do with it. Unfortunately, that leaves a massive 80% who have no idea about photo quality or about what a home might look like with furniture, let alone with wall-art and other nick-nacks.

So, without virtual staging, where there’s a new but empty property – perhaps built as a developer’s first project – there’s an uphill battle in store; especially when the market is tight. Without furniture – real or virtual – marketing materials including printed brochures, advertising and Internet advertising, can only really show rooms that look comparatively cold and uninviting – rooms with which perhaps 80% of people will have no instant connection.

Virtual Staging is not an expensive service compared to the cost of actually furnishing a property or indeed building it, but it could make a real difference to the number of people who might be attracted to view, or not.

You can read more about the offering here – and at the bottom of the page there’s a link directly to the site.