One piece of equipment that I’ve come to love is the Promote Control.  Most times my interiors are made using a series of exposures – usually 7 or so at 1.3-stop intervals. My Canon allows for automated bracketing of only three frames; so, in order to change the exposure settings and release the shutter I had to touch the camera, which in turn meant that most times there was movement that resulted in having to ensure that each layer was accurately registered above each other when it came to blending them in Photoshop.

With the Promote this is no longer a problem. Instead, it’s simply a case of programming the Promote via its liquid crystal display, telling the camera the length of exposure required for the middle of the required range  and pressing the start button. You can even programme it to lock up the mirror for ultimate stability. Simples.

The Promote can also be used for time-lapse photography and as a normal cable release. If you’re looking for sharp HDR/blended/fusion photos then this is one gadget you’ll be pleased to have in your kitbag. It’s not exactly cheap but it has saved me lots of time.