I’m possibly alone in this but I love estate agents and I love the business of estate agency. But I think many UK agents could do better.

Of course I don’t love all agents – that would be nuts – but  there are a great many good guys and gals out there and they operate in an industry that’s much maligned because it’s let down by shysters who really ought not to be in the business due to their complete lack of integrity, ability and/or professionalism.

In the UK it’s an astonishing fact that almost anyone can open up on your local High Street and call themselves  ‘estate agents’ (provided they’re not bankrupt), and with zero experience or knowledge purport to be expert in the sale of what is very likely your most valuable financial asset. That can’t be a good thing, can it? The Government chooses not to change this because, apparently, that’s good for competition. Which is another way of saying they’d rather agents were cheap than good! I digress.

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I couldn’t believe it! The one sunny day for ages – a job I’d not been looking forward to – photographing a roundabout on a main road with a 60′ mast on a windy day with traffic whizzing around – and when I get there, a field full of vehicles attending a car boot sale.

The client needed his photo for PR purposes, as his property developer client had sponsored the roundabout’s landscaping in order to promote their retirement village. There was no option other than to, ‘Just do it’.

Now, I liked photographing with film, but for any film guys out there who are still not sure about digital, please do explain how you’d have made the above photo for less than the price of a dinner for 4 at a good restaurant.

A frequent problem that agents have when selling brand new homes is the developer’s impatience for sales to begin, balanced against the fact that most building sites resemble my second daughter’s bedroom when she was 13. Her abode used to attract varying comments drawing comparison (naturally) with building sites, and homes that had been burgled. Things at that time were so bad that my daughter’s room became a popular practice venue for the town’s crime-scene investigators; but then she went through a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis and became a beautiful (and tidy) young lady – although somehow she did retain the hairy legs. Read the rest of this entry »