I couldn’t believe it! The one sunny day for ages – a job I’d not been looking forward to – photographing a roundabout on a main road with a 60′ mast on a windy day with traffic whizzing around – and when I get there, a field full of vehicles attending a car boot sale.

The client needed his photo for PR purposes, as his property developer client had sponsored the roundabout’s landscaping in order to promote their retirement village. There was no option other than to, ‘Just do it’.

Now, I liked photographing with film, but for any film guys out there who are still not sure about digital, please do explain how you’d have made the above photo for less than the price of a dinner for 4 at a good restaurant.

3 Responses to “A Victor Meldrew Moment, if Ever There Was One”

  1. simon liddiard Says:

    Good work John. The mower lines really help make it look real!

  2. Peter JT Says:

    Great work.

    Just thinking about getting geared up for property photography, and to extend my architectural work – can you give any info on selecting and using masts?

  3. Admin Says:

    I can certainly point you in a good direction. Best for you to do the Contact thing top right and let me have your email address etc and I’ll put something together.