Here’s an email (below) that had some resonance with me. For the past couple of years I’ve banged on about the excellence and professionalism of our Antipodean cousins when it comes to property marketing and property photography. So when I heard that a Kiwi property photographer has moved to Belfast I was interested to take a look at his photos – and I wasn’t disappointed. Any agents in Belfast should count themselves lucky to have this guy working on their team.

I do entirely agree with his comment that many vendors are totally unprepared for the photos. I’ll blog my solution to that shortly – but until then, take a look at Gary’s email and at his photos.

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I just wanted to draw your attention to something new and good that’s happening to and for property in Farnham – a really lovely town in Surrey with period architecture and even its own castle.

My good friend Hugh Scotchbrook has a passion for property. It’s in his blood, his father was an agent himself for years in their family firm in Reading and together they’ve developed property too. But his other passions are for marketing and advertising. Combine the three and what you get is a tremendously high quality magazine which he’s distributing for free around the Farnham area. It’s a huge undertaking – but with a name like Hugh and with his background – he KNOWS property – he’s the right man’s at the tiller and I wish him the great success the magazine deserves.

One of the most beautiful things about his first issue is that Hugh allowed me the privilege of writing an article on one of my favourite subjects  – which put simply is: why is it that many (certainly not all) agents are terrible at marketing property?

There are in fact several answers to that question but I’ve provided one of them in my article – and it may surprise you.

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