I used to be an agent and one of the challenges I had, like most agents have today when they’re selling new homes, is how to make the one-off new house or small development, the ones that haven’t been furnished or dressed in any way, look sexy so that they stand out from the crowd.

And so, a few years ago I was really excited to be trawling the Internet looking for a solution, to come across a business in the USA that does what they call, Virtual Staging. The idea is that virtual stagers can edit a photo that’s been provided by you or your agent and add into it 3-D furnishings and other staging that looks pretty realistic. The one BIG problem was, back then, that they were charging around $200 per image!

Well, since then, technology has moved on and the market’s hotted up and now I’m able to offer a virtual staging service for just £45+vat per image – or less if you’re sending several images. Here’s a before and after – see what you think (with this photo, we also had to add the blue skies because we’ve had a rotten summer so far :)…

When I wrote about the idea the first time around there was, of course, as always, a nay-sayer. On reading my blog they contacted me to say that in their opinion virtual staging was misleading. But I pointed out that it’s no more misleading than a CGI of a front elevation and if they were really worried about it, then they could say underneath the edited photo that it’s been ‘virtually staged’.

So, this is a brand new Doctor-Photo offering, you’re seeing it here first and I believe that this is a great service that will really help you, at relatively little cost, make your homes stand out from the competition.

Why don’t you send me a photo to try? I’ll provide the first one for your for just £29.50+vat.

Best to use www.wetransfer.com – it’s a free service for sending large files – just click on the link and drag your photo anywhere into the browser, then add your own email address where it’s asked for, then my email address in the ‘friend’s email’ field – johndurrant@doctor-photo.co.uk – let me know in the text box what you’re after and if I don’t already know you, please add your ‘phone number then send. That’s it