Which Magazine has been researching how buyers find properties and I’m rather pleased to say that they have confirmed my own belief that a property’s photos are extremely important to the decision to view. 

Which said, “…However, around one in five (19%) told us they did not view a property either because no photos were made available or there weren’t enough photos in their opinion. For first-time buyers, this figure rose to 22%…”

If a potential buyer doesn’t get past first base and make that viewing arrangement, then that could be a potential sale lost! Who’s to say that they would not have been the buyer who would have paid the optimal price had they seen the right photos?

So, here’s the thing. If photos are so important that 20+% of buyers consciously won’t even view a property if there are no photos or there are too few of them, then how many more buyers might subconsciously be influenced to view if the photos show the property in a good light?

It’s the photos that create the first impression for every property that comes to market – with the exception of those where the buyer has seen the board, or where they already know a house. If first impressions really do ‘count’ then it’s as obvious as the nose on your face that the better and more representative of a property they are, the better the job they will do in attracting the right interest.

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