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One piece of equipment that I’ve come to love is the Promote Control.  Most times my interiors are made using a series of exposures – usually 7 or so at 1.3-stop intervals. My Canon allows for automated bracketing of only three frames; so, in order to change the exposure settings and release the shutter I had to touch the camera, which in turn meant that most times there was movement that resulted in having to ensure that each layer was accurately registered above each other when it came to blending them in Photoshop.

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I’m not writing here to win friends and influence people, but to wake up what I believe to be one of the most important industries this country has.

It’s driven our economy for decades, and many other industries such as diy, soft-furnishings, white-goods etc all rely on its success. Truth is, I’m still in love with estate agency but I believe with a passion that it can try harder in at least one specific area – that of property marketing. I’m not being ironic here. Fact is, there are too many agents these days who concentrate too much on marketing their services and not enough on marketing their properties. Read the rest of this entry »