About Property Photography Blog

Property Photography Blog is written by John Durrant who specialises in photographing residential and commercial interiors and exteriors catering for estate agencies, property developers and similar industries.

37-years an estate agent – retired as Partner in award-winning Waterfall, Durrant & Barclay in 2005, since then a professional property photographer. Latterly he wrote the Property Photography Guidance for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

John works for some of the property industry’s biggest names from the UK’s principal estate agencies to smaller independent firms, all of whom care enough for their company image and their clients’ properties to know when they need a professional’s help.

John says:

“I’ve photographed more houses than anyone I know. I truly believe that property photography today is the most under-estimated tool in an estate agent’s marketing armoury and my aim with this blog is to try to change perceptions and help those who care about their company image and that of the properties they’re appointed to sell, to make better photos. I also want to help those who are selling houses to understand that bad or good photography can make a negative or positive difference to their bottom line”